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Durable Brush For Gutter Cleaning-AOQUN


Some time ago, Kim from Germany sent an inquiry about brush for gutter cleaning. He wanted to purchase a large number of brushes for gutter cleaning, but he hoped that we can provide brushes with better material quality because they pay attention to the material. For quality and durability issues, I hope to purchase brushes that are more durable than PP brushes.

Brush For Gutter Cleaning 

According to Kim's requirements, we recommended our nylon to him. Our nylon is wear-resistant, and its flexibility, elasticity and durability are stronger than PP. Nylon also feels softer than PP, but the cost of nylon is a little higher than PP, and the quality is better. After learning about the size that Kim needs, we make samples of brush for gutter cleaning.

Brush For Gutter Cleaning 


Four days later, Kim received the samples we sent. After a week of repeated testing, Kim contacted us again and said: "The material for this brush for gutter cleaning is indeed nylon. We have also checked the relevant information and tests. The durability of nylon is indeed better than PP. We have to purchase 50000 pieces of a brush for gutter cleaning. "

Brush For Gutter Cleaning

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