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What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Industrial Brushes?

January 25,2022.

Nylon filament is a commonly used material in industrial brushes. Because of its high stability and plasticity, it is widely used in both industry and daily life. Let's talk about nylon industrial brushes. What features? Why it is commonly used:


First of all, the filament of the PA industrial brush has high softness, which is not easy to scratch the surface of the item, and can also effectively eliminate static electricity in time.


Secondly, the industrial brush is made of nylon, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It will not change its characteristics after being immersed in toluene, butanone and other solvents for a long time. It has stable performance and is especially suitable for long-term use in the plastics and paper industries, especially for the installation of film production and printing production lines.

PA Flexible Nylon Strip Brush

PA Flexible Nylon Strip Brush


Furthermore, nylon industrial brushes have the properties of fire resistance and high temperature resistance when appropriate flame retardants are added to them. The above are some of the characteristics of nylon industrial brushes. Aoqun Brush Industry is a company that focuses on A large-scale enterprise producing nylon industrial brushes can customize nylon brushes with various specifications and functions according to your needs.

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