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AOQUN Let You Know More About The Cleaning Brush For Drills


Perform polishing, polishing and deburring operations on the camera, light sensing hole, button hole, and glass cover of the mobile phone panel, and customize the production according to the specification and size requirements. The suitable cleaning brush for drills can clean the inner hole burr residual problem with high energy and make the hole The position is smoother and more detailed.

Cleaning Brush For Drills

The traditional method of cleaning the inner hole burr mainly relies on the brush tube and the channel tube, but both of them are partially deterministic, and are usually only suitable for processing through holes, but not blind holes. There are no bristles on the bottom of the tube brush and the channel brush, which cannot handle the burrs at the bottom of the blind hole. Due to the brush making process, there is a metal protrusion in the middle of the bottom of the cleaning brush for drills, and the protruding metal part is in the polishing process. It is easy to cause damage to the bottom of the workpiece. The cleaning brush for drills produced by Aoqun Brush Industry uses pure nylon filaments with moderate hardness and resistance to friction. It uses advanced German equipment and is made with twisting technology to ensure that the cleaning brush for drills does not fall easily when used. It can be adapted to the production of large-scale industries.

Cleaning Brush For Drills

Aoqun Brush has been making cleaning brush for drills down-to-earth, constantly improving the existing production technology. The cleaning brush for drills produced is also continuously improved based on customer feedback and opinions, just to let customers buy with confidence and use them comfortably.

Cleaning Brush For Drills

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