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AOQUN Provides Unique Packaging For Gutter Brush Leaf Guard


Aoqun received an email from Doris from New Zealand and needed to find a gutter brush leaf guard, but do not need ordinary packaging on the market. Because products need to be sold in supermarkets, the image of packaging is very important. The ordinary packaging before did not attract customers, and asked if we could do it.

Gutter Brush Leaf Guard 

Lucy, our gold sales customer service, responded promptly 1 minute after receiving the Doris email. I learned that gutter brush leaf guard is sold in local high-end supermarkets, and is usually used for the roof of my own villa. The quantity of each purchase is not particularly large. Lucy recommends Doris to pack 8 gutter brush leaf guards per box instead of the previous 30 / carton. The carton is colored, which is helpful for attracting customers' attention. Doris took our advice and let us provide samples. Two days later, we received the design drawings of the color carton, and 8 days later, we sent the brush samples and the color carton to Doris.

Gutter Brush Leaf Guard 

After 6 days, Doris received our gutter brush leaf guard samples and color carton. He was very satisfied with the quality of our products and got a display in the mall. We got good feedback. After 15 days, we received 30,000 orders from customers.

Gutter Brush Leaf Guard

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