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How Ambitious Is The Strength Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

How Ambitious Is The Strength Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

October 28,2021.

Aoqun Brush Factory is a custom-made brush manufacturer engaged in high-quality mass brushes. It has a history of more than ten years. The nylon brush strips it produces have always been in the leading position in the industry, and are well received by well-known customers at home and abroad.

Aoqun Brush Factory has adhered to the brand concept of "focusing on quality and embodying value" for many years, pursuing the work style of "Making promises, Never give up", and carefully do every brush product. It is Hitachi, Otis, KONE and other global products. Long-term partner of well-known brands. In addition, Aoqun brush manufacturers have more than 30 EU and industry certifications, and comply with EU ROHS and SVHC standards; brush strips have passed UL94-V0 flame retardant test, US FDA test, and NFPA130 Bombardier fire smoke test.

Whether it is customer feedback or product testing and certification, it is always certified that Aoqun's brush strips are top-notch in the industry. If you also have problems with brush customization, it is better to let us solve your troubles!

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