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How To Use The Scrubber Correctly?

November 1,2021.

The floor scrubber is a cleaning machine suitable for simultaneously absorbing and drying sewage on hard ground and taking the sewage away from the scene. It has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. It is mostly used for floor cleaning in hotels, park squares, factory workshops and other places. The product has perfect performance and excellent performance. It is suitable for cleaning the dirt of hard floors such as tile floors, stone floors, epoxy floors, emery floors, terrazzo floors, plastic floors, vitrified tiles, and PVC floors.

The following is the correct way to use the scrubber:

1. Untie the power cord and check whether the power cord is damaged. If it is intact, you can install a needle holder, a scrubbing pad or a scrubber brush in the counterclockwise direction at the bottom of the body. When washing a smooth floor, you should install a needle holder to compress the scouring pad. ; When washing uneven floors, you should install the scrubber brush and adjust the handle to an angle that is convenient for your own operation.

2. After checking that the switch is turned off, plug in the power supply for use.

3. Put the power cord on the back, hold the handle with both hands, and then turn on the switch. At this time, the brush plate or needle plate is kept level with the ground, the stable joystick is controlled up and down to make the machine move left and right, the brush plate starts to rotate, and the operation can be started after confirming that there is no fault.

4. When working, do not use your own arm strength to force the machine to move forwards, backwards, left, and right, but press with the handle to make the machine move, and the human body naturally moves with the machine.

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