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Which Pet Cleaning Brush Order Is Strong -AOQUN


"Hello, can Aoqun make a pet cleaning brush for me? The design and size are strictly in accordance with my requirements. I hope you can help me solve this problem."

Pet Cleaning Brush

The customer told Aoqun that he only had the picture and size of the vacuum cleaner, and he needed our help to design a pet cleaning brush suitable for this vacuum cleaner. Seeing the picture, Aoqun gave a newly opened pet cleaning brush. As soon as the customer saw this aluminum bar, they were more affirmed of the strength of our Aoqun design and customization, and directly discussed the mold opening matters with Aoqun. The customer confirmed the sample by email on the 3rd day after receiving the sample.

Pet Cleaning Brush

After 10 days, I received an email from the customer and attached a pet cleaning brush order. It also said, "Because of your professionalism, you helped me design and customize a pet cleaning brush that matches our vacuum cleaner, which helped me solve the problem."

Pet Cleaning Brush

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