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Application Of Industrial Brushes

April 3,2023.

Industrial brushes are very commonly used in our lives. The most common are brushes for pots or paint brushes used in our homes. Let's see how he categorizes it.

The application range of industrial brushes is very wide. According to the needs, it is practical in all walks of life. For example, in the textile industry, industrial brushes are used to do some work such as grinding and polishing; in the papermaking and printing industries, strip brushes are used to sweep paper. An essential thing; compared with the food processing industry, is used for cleaning and other work. Therefore, according to the needs of different industries, the materials and shapes, and sizes used are also different, and the classification is also very complicated.

industrial brush

Let's talk about its role in life from its primary materials and uses. The first one is an industrial brush with gold-containing steel abrasive wire: it is mainly used in the hardware industry to clean rust and deburr metal materials. , or lighting treatment, etc.; the second is the nylon wire industrial brush, which is currently the most widely used, and it is mainly used for industrial cleaning; the third is the steel wire industrial brush, which is primarily for processing some stone materials, such as the polishing work on the surface of marble, the primary function is grinding and sanding; the fourth is the horse hair brush, the horse hair brush is relatively soft, it will not cause hard damage to things, and it is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The performance is relatively good, mainly used for polishing leather, etc.; the fifth is the bristle brush, which is widely used in the textile industry, and its elasticity, hardness, and high-temperature resistance are not very good; the last one is the sword Hemp brush, which has the same effect as other brushes, is used for grinding and polishing work on special crafts.

Industrial Brushes Manufacturer

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