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The Use Of Industrial Polishing Brushes

April 12,2023.

When talking about brushes, many people know that the probability of brushes appearing in life is very high, but general brushes are different from industrial brushes. On the basis of ordinary brushes, materials are mixed Then according to the different materials and the scope of use, the brush has different models and uses. The most widely used material is nylon, which is mainly used for cleaning before packaging of industrial and agricultural chemical products.


The industrial polishing brush made of steel wire is generally used in the ore industry because of its relatively high hardness, especially for polishing and grinding hard materials such as marble, ceramic tiles, and granite, so that the stone becomes smoother. Meticulous, removes surface bumps and textures. Compared with the brush made of steel wire, the one with a slightly lower hardness is the brush made of emery abrasive wire. This kind of abrasive wire polishing brush is generally used in the hardware industry or the steel smelting industry. The treatment of rust stains, grinding the rough edges just cut, and polishing and mirror-finishing the hardware materials are all commonly used in the industry.


The relatively soft industrial brushes may be nylon filaments. This kind of brushes are generally industries with relatively high process requirements, and certain requirements are also required on the material. The elasticity must be good, and the requirements for wear are also high It is relatively high, and it also has certain requirements for temperature. It is generally used in the brush plate of CNC punching machines, especially for some relatively hard and thick fabrics. When pressing the edges, industrial polishing brushes are used for processing.

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